Ms. Aguirre's 4th Grade Science


Welcome students and parents of the 4th grade here at PS 43 to my 4th grade Science website. As you may already know, 4th grade is a very important year for Science. Along with your ELA and Math state test, you will also be taking a Science state test in June. The test is composed of two parts; a written exam that includes multiple choice and short answer questions and a performance test that includes 3 lab stations where you will perform different tests or experiments and answer questions. But do not groan, most students have said that the science test is "the most fun state test you'll ever take". This site is designed to help you expand your learning beyond the classroom. I have included several lessons we have used in class for you to go back and review. You will also find links to many websites and games that may further your learning and understanding of a topic. You will also find a link to my online grade book, which you can access using your given code. I hope this site proves useful and please provide me with feedback on what you like and what you'd like to see more of. Click the links in the toolbar above to navigate the rest of the website.
* Click here to access my online grade book. Students were given an access code in school. If you are having difficulties, please send me a message.

New York State Science Scope and Sequence

If you are interested in seeing the different topics covered throughout the year, you may download the New York State Science Scope and Sequence. This breaks down topics covered by unit per grade. Click on the "NYC K-8 Science Scope and Sequence" Link to download. As this website develops, I will add links that correspond to each of our units of study. This is a great tool to have handy.

The Unit topics covered in 4th grade are as follows:
Unit 1: Animals and Plants in their Environment: "What roles do plants and animals play in their environments?"
Unit 2: Electricity and Magnetism: "What are the properties of electricity and magnetism?"
Unit 3: Properties of Water: "What makes water so special?"
Unit 4: Interactions of Air, Water, and Land: "How do natural events affect our world?"

I would recommend looking back at the 3rd grade units as well, as they will also be covered on the state test.